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Who Should Get Equity And How Much?

Determining how much equity to give co-founders or contributors is not easy. On one hand, you want to fairly reward people for taking the risk, believing in you and helping you build your company from scratch. On another, you want to create the right incentives and only offer equity to those who...


Startup Financing Stages

There are five main financing stages that startups go through on their fundraising journey. First Stage: Friends and Family This round is raised by people who know you personally. You use this capital to prove that your idea is viable and to build a minimum viable product (MVP). Even if you...


Three Mistakes Most First-Time Entrepreneurs Make

There are many common mistakes that first-time entrepreneurs make. It is important to be aware of them so that you can launch your venture successfully. These are three most common mistakes. Mistake #1: The failure to sign a founder’s agreement From the business perspective, a founder’s...


How To Create Credible Financial Assumptions For Early Stage Startups

I often get asked by entrepreneurs how to create assumptions for their financial model when there is no financial history, no product on the market, and no track record. How can they ensure that those assumptions are credible, justifiable, and taken seriously by investors, strategic partners, and...


Five Reasons Why Early Stage Startups Need a Board of Advisors

Five Reasons Why a Board of Advisors Could Help a Startup All established private and public companies have a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is a legal entity that is created to protect the interests of the shareholders. The Board votes on important decisions concerning the...


​When Should Early Stage Startups Raise Money?

For early-stage companies and founders, few questions get asked more in the startup world than “When should I try to raise money?” Although it would be much easier if there was a simple answer to this question, each founder and their respective startups face different obstacles when traversing...